Darkover Landfall (Darkover) [Marion Zimmer Bradley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Darkover Landfall () is a somewhat routine adventure (with a good dose of social commentary) which, according to internal chronology. When a Terran ship crashed on Darkover, many of the colonists and crew wished to stay and build an Earthlike society on the alien planet. They might be the.

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Cover of the first edition. Women who couldn’t be allowed to have children had to be given some other work, for the sake of their mental health. May not contain Access Codes or Supplements.

Sep 22, Lori rated it liked it Shelves: So if you want to read the story that set up the world in a modern classic this is a fascinating read but one thing I do realise now, one that does not affect the other books, its is more curiosity rather than required reading. Perhaps, but you need to remember the time that it was written in and that the novel was the beginning of the story arc of the series. It’s a colony ship, but the colonists don’t seem to have basic equipment like personal communicators or any kind of transportation, and the captain doesn’t mention any standard emergency procedures for crashing on an alien planet, surely a basic part of officer training?

A very good to near fine copy with light wear and light toning to the text.

Whilst some are at ease with being guided by their gut – feelings, others, such as the spaceship’s captain, find it much harder to come to terms with the existence of these powers. It feels more like a sketch to explain some backstory than a novel. Then comes the ghost wind, carrying a psychedelic pollen that brings a whole new set of problems. Hmm, changing tastes I guess.


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It is also darkovrr to note that, no, Camilla didn’t sign up for this, so treating her as a spoiled darkovrr throwing a tantrum was inappropriate. I pulled it out recently, expecting to be back in a familiar world. Ms Bradley was editing the final Sword and Sorceress manuscript up until the week of her death in September of If I am being totally honest, I would have to say that she is not the best writer in the world, and considering the massive amount of work she put out, some of it is “hack” work.

It’s allll about babies.

The characters were only mildly interesting, near the end some grew on me but in general they were not that complex. Can’t darover cut Bradley a little slack for not being on the bleeding edge of feminism in every way as far back as ? Women really are fragile creatures who need lanfdall be protected and who annoyingly keep thinking they have a right to make their own wrong decisions.

Vaguely recommended for fans of straightforward pulp SF adventures imbued with a good dose of social commentary. It was one of those fun, brainless books the young teen me read in a day. She holds up to time. Small short book but a good story.

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This is further compounded by a periodic flare-up of a mind-altering pollen cloud that causes everyone to have massive orgies. But it can be artfully done…. Thank you for supporting our small, family-owned business!

Ruled by a psychically gifted aristocracy, after xarkover it’s rediscovered by a star-spanning high-tech human federation, giving the series a feel of both science fiction and fantasy. Each of these characteristics on their own is reason enough not to earmark the planet for potential colonisation.


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Judy Lovat and Camilla Del Rey. Return to Book Page. Learn more about Amazon Prime. No me parece que sea debido a que eran los comienzos de MZB como escritora, porque si bien el texto puede carecer de estilo, la trama puede estar buena What makes Biblio different? Their attitudes don’t landfqll with their legislation at all.

But the rest of the book supports him as being right. Much of her political and social thinking is outrageous from landfalll point of view. And then after the 70s it becomes somewhat more optimistic again.

I try and give some credit to this book as it was published in the ‘s, however that doesn’t persuade me any further to pick up the rest of the series. It’s not even very smart.

Showing of 30 reviews. An ok book but it just doesn’t really go anywhere – it’s clearly written as a nothing more than a prequel filling in Darkover’s history.

Near Fine see description Edition: Or the forced sterilization of women landgall color. Camilla isn’t given any kind of choice. And were the ‘Darkovan’ horses genetically compatible with off-planet horses?

Darkvoer of this for me is that there is almost consistent theme of the good of the society versus the rights of the inidivual in the books, even in the earlier ones.